the night i slept for 11 hours

Irish proverb

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Goodness gracious life has been busy.

Between work, moving, socializing, and running various errands I haven’t really given myself the necessary time to SLEEP. I’m the type of girl that needs a solid 7-8 hours of sleep consistently or I get thrown off. Lately I’ve been averaging around 5, which I know some of you can do and well, bless your heart… I do not know how you do it. This whole 5-hours-of-sleep-a-night has been awful. I have been so sleepy at work that even our FREE espresso in the kitchen can’t pick me up. As soon as  leave work I get that burst of “Wooooo! I’m out of work!” energy that lasts until, you know, 7 PM. By which time I’ve had dinner and only want to watch Dancing with the Stars while drinking wine.

But you guys. The most amazing thing happened to me on Tuesday night!

I went home (to my new FAB apartment!), made dinner (first dinner in the new apartment!), cuddled up on the couch to watch DWTS and then the debate. I made it through DWTS and was determined to stay away during the debate. Town hall, y’all. It was bound to be good. Which it was… or so I hear. I made it through maybe 2 questions and PASSED OUT. I don’t just mean fell asleep, I mean PASSED. OUT. My sisters and I had texted throughout the first two debates and were planning on it for the 3rd (they were my two funny friends I wrote about here). Get this, my phone was literally a foot from my head on FULL volume and I missed every single one of the probably 50 messages that were sent. I had passed out on the couch yet woke up around 11:30 in my bed. Um, what? I have no idea how I got there. I checked my phone the next morning and was amused that I had been texting with Corey around 11:30. I have virtually zero memories of this. Dream texting – that’s where it’s at.

What I’m trying to say is that I slept like I haven’t slept in weeks and it was amazing!


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