the day i met john and sherry!

John and Sherry Petersik are my DIY idols. I have been following their blog (Young House Love) for a couple of years thanks to Erin and I got to meet them when they came to Chicago a few weeks ago! Words cannot describe how excited I was when I saw that Chicago was on their book tour list. I picked Erin up promptly at 9:15 in order to grab a quick breakfast and then head over to West Elm for the book signing. We wanted to be there by 10am even though it didn’t officially start until 1pm figuring we’d rather wait earlier than have to wait in a long line wondering how fast it would go. Our plan went perfectly! We got there at 10 and were in line between two really nice (and chatty!) groups which made the 3 hour wait fly by. It didn’t hurt that West Elm passed out hot chocolate and cookies 🙂

Waiting in line…

Ahhh! First glimpse!

Hi, John!

The cherry on top…

These two were so, so nice and happy. I’m SO excited that I was able to meet them!



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