over the weekend

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This weekend was everything that I needed and more.

Last summer I decided that Corey and I should go on more dates, so I came up with the idea that we would go on one special date each month. We would alternate months so really it’s only 6 times a year that we need to each come up with dates. Sounds great, right? Turns out Corey is much better at it than me. Since deciding this last summer he has taken me on two awesome dates and I have taken him on zero anything dates. Friday was to be the day when I actually held up my end of the deal. We were going to make #baconpancakes and then go see The Perks of Being a Wallflower at the Brew and View. Turns out it takes us 90 minutes to make bacon pancakes. By the time we were done eating there was no way we were going to (happily) sit through a 10:30 movie. So basically we hung out the rest of the night. And by hung out I mean Corey did his thing and I fell asleep.

Saturday night was SO much fun. One of Erin’s friends got married that afternoon and she took me as her date to the reception that night! Erin and I rarely get a chance to get out together because of our very different schedules so this was perfect. The reception was at the Chicago Cultural Center and everything was beautiful. The bride and groom looked ridiculously happy. Confession: I LOVE wedding food. I know most people fuss about it, but I really do love it. I may have eaten all of mine and finished Erins.

SundaySunday. I slept in, roamed around Barnes & Noble for a while, read a while, and THEN got to finish date night with my manfriend. I still really wanted to see The Perks of Being a Wallflower, but it didn’t start until 9 and I wasn’t interested in staying out that late on a ridiculously cold work night. Instead we saw Flight. While completely predictable, I still really enjoyed it. (the two cranberry vodkas may have helped a little *winkwink*) Date night was a great way to end the weekend and now I can finally say that I did my part and took Corey on a date. Although he did pay for the drinks.. dang. I’ll do better next time!


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