the words i never thought i’d write…

You’ll never guess what I did this morning.

No, seriously.

You won’t.

Go ahead, try.

 photo (51) photo (52) photo (53) photo (2)photo (54)

I highly doubt you guessed that I went to the gym. BEFORE work.

If you had guessed ate a doughnut or hit snooze 45 times that would have been more believable.

But I did it! I went to the gym before work, did my full workout, and still had plenty of time to get ready for work.

I’m fairly certain that there was only one reason why I actually got up and went to the gym at 7 in the morning and this is it. 40% off all workout clothes at Old Navy! I obviously had to show off my new stuff. What surprised me the most was that once I got there I was actually happy to be there. The track is on the top floor of the gym and has windows all around so there is nothing but bright sunshine in the mornings. Between the sunshine, The Band Perry pandora station, and that girl above who passed me every couple of minutes my motivation was at an all time high. I might just be able to hit my goal of running a 5k by March!


5 thoughts on “the words i never thought i’d write…

  1. how the HECK did you do it? I always feel so much better when I get up early & work out ..but that alone is never enough motivation for me to sit up & get my lazy butt out of bed. share your secrets with me! I too have a goal to run a 5k [not by march] but sometime this year! have I ran once in 2013? nope, not yet.

    congratulations. & good for you. this is something I vow to get better at every day ..I know its a true feat. you go!! xo, chelsea

    • I’ve heard that if you go to bed wearing your workout clothes it’ll be more motivating so that’s what I did! I also made myself go to bed at 9PM and when my alarm went off it had a message on it that said “4 months until summer!!” haha

      and trust me, if *I* can get up and go workout ANYONE can. i have faith in you! 🙂 just take it one day at a time!

      • I love the “4 months until summer” on your morning alarm. I am going to use that one! & sleeping in my workout clothes. would tennis shoes on the bedside table be too far? I’m going to work on going to bed earlier & getting my butt up. thank you for the tips – I’m using them! 🙂

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